Portable Ladder Truss for Lighting

Small size, save store room,light weight.
Specification: 300mmx50mm, ladder and straight design.
Portable ladder truss for lighting, used in indoor events.

Product Details

Product name:Portable ladder truss for lighting.

Type: screw truss,ladder design type


Material:aluminum alloy 6082-T6 or aluminum alloy 6061-T6.

Main tube:50x3mm.Vice tube:30x2mm.Brace tube:25x2mm

Unit length: 0.5m to 4m,customized.

Color: silver, black,grey,blue,yellow, etc.customized.

Truss design shape: ladder frame, aluminum alloy tube, straight.

Packaging: carton, air bubble film,customized.

Production lead time : 3-13 days.

Product warranty time: 1 year.



Aluminum alloy material, non - rust, long life.Low maintenance, save cost.

Good welding procedure.

Easily to assemble and disassemble, save time and man power.

Flexible size and design for hanging light in different events.

Compatible with global truss.


Indoor lighting truss beam type, hanging some PAR light or event light.

Portable lighting ladder truss for wedding party wedding.

Roof cover ladder truss type.

 lighting ladder truss.jpg

Truss produce process

truss produce process.jpg

Our company

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FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is your brand name?

A: Our brand name is HENGVEE.

Q: What is the advantages that you are over others manufacturer?

A: As a professional manufacturer of stage, truss, glass stage,aluminum tent, layer truss,Portable Ladder Truss for Lighting,and other event products, We have 10 years experience in making products at competitive price according to ISO9001 quality management.

Q: Are you a manufacturer?

A: Yes,we are.

Q: Do you accept customized orders?

A: Yes. Customized orders are welcomed. Different sizes and load capacity can be ordered in our factory. We will offer the design picture to you separately.

We all know that the truss has a wide range of applications in various activities, and it is quick and easy to disassemble and transport, making it a product that many merchants are very fond of. Under normal circumstances, when we set up the stage, we need to choose the size of different truss racks according to the different venues and the weight of the lights and sounds to be mounted. People generally divide the truss rack size into small, medium and large. specification. Therefore, for the person in charge of the stage construction, knowing the size of the selected truss frame and the load-bearing requirements of the truss in advance can better grasp the coordination between the stage arrangement and the site.


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