Cable Protector Ramp

Five channels cable protector ramp modular design.
Overall dimension: L900mm x W600mm x H50mm.
Material: rubber and PVC.

Product Details

Product name: Cable protector ramp

Material: rubber and PVC

Type: 5 channels

Overall dimension: L900mm x W600mm x H50mm

Channel dimension: W30mm x 43mm

Net weight: 15kg

Weight capacity: 10 - 20tons

Cable protector ramp.jpg

Cable protector ramp design.jpg

Product advantages

Heavy duty T- shaped connector inter locks modular sections.

Light weight and easy to transport, install, disassemble and store.

Carrying handle is conveniently recessed on underside of protector.

Safety yellow warning symbols molded into lid surface, high visibility and safety design.

Our other specifications cable protector ramp




Small one channel cable ramp

Overall dimension: 1000x220x30mm

Channel dimension:69x17mm

Net weight: 5kg


Medium one channel cable ramp

Overall dimension:1000x260x70mm

Channel dimension:71x49mm

Net weight:8.5kg


Big one channel cable ramp

Overall dimension:1000x580x120mm

Channel dimension:128x102mm

Net weight:22kg


Small two channels cable ramp

Overall dimension:1000x250x50mm

Channel dimension:30x33mm

Net weight:8.8kg


Medium two channels cable ramp

Overall dimension:1000x450x70mm

Channel dimension:55x51mm

Net weight:13kg


Big two channels cable ramp

Overall dimension:900x580x90mm

Channel dimension:93x71mm

Net weight:22kg


Big two channels cable ramp( Heavy duty type)

Overall dimension: 900x600x100mm

Channel dimension:90x90mm

Net weight:25kg


Small three channels cable ramp

Overall dimension:1000x300x50mm

Channel dimension:35x29mm

Net weight:9kg


Big three channels cable ramp ( Heavy duty type)

Overall dimension:910x550x80mm

Channel dimension:60x65mm

Net weight:18kg


Four channels cable ramp

Overall dimension:900x500x60mm

Channel dimension:44x40mm

Net weight:15kg


Five channels cable ramp

Overall dimension: 900x500x50mm

Channel dimension:34x30mm

Net weight:14kg


Five channels cable ramp ( Heavy duty type)

Overall dimension: 900x60050mm

Channel dimension:30x43mm

Net weight:15kg


cable ramp

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your rubber cable protector ramp MOQ ?

R: 10 pieces.

Q: What is your product regular packaging ways?

R: Woven bag.

Q: What is your cable protector ramp production lead time?

R: 7 - 12 days.

Q: Can you make a logo on the product’s surface ?

R: Yes, we can make a logo on it according to your requirements..

Q: What is your price term?

R: EXW,CIF,CFR,FOB,door to door,etc.

Q: Can you supply a sample to us?

R: Yes, we can. Sample fee and transport freight at your expense.

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