Cable Ramp Protector

Overall dimension: 900x600x100mm.
Channel dimension: 90x90mm.
Cable ramp protector used for events.

Product Details

The cable ramp protector is a kind of power supply supporting safety protection equipment made of high quality rubber or high quality PVC material (anti-voltage, safer and pressure resistant).

Big two channels cable ramp protector ( Heavy duty type)

Overall dimension: 900mmx600mmx100mm

Channel dimension: 90mmx90mm

Net weight: 25kg/piece

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The convex portion of the cable ramp protector trough head is stuck with the rear groove portion of the other wire trough plate, and the mutual clamping prevents the trough plate from following the vehicle forward or backward, thereby better protecting the cable. In addition, although the slotted plate is a rubber product, it has a certain flexibility, but in order to prolong the service life, it is best not to throw at a high distance. If it needs to be cleaned after use, wipe it with a damp cloth and place it on the flat surface and stack it on the front to prevent deformation of the bottom and affect the fit of the cover.

Application field

This cable ramp protector used in stage lighting and wiring mall wiring, engineering department, exhibition company, power company construction line view, residential road line, is an indispensable power supply security protection equipment in many stages, studios, outdoor performance venues, cultural groups, etc. The best choice gives you a safe confirmation when wiring.

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A. The pressure resistance is good, safe and convenient, and the appearance is beautiful.

B. Rubber trunking is commonly referred to as rubber trunking bridge and trunking protection board, also known as rubber speed bump protection slot. Automotive pressure ground trough. The car passes through the ground trough, and the car crushes the trunking.

C. Rubber cable trough insulation performance is extremely strong, the voltage is above 2000V, to avoid the danger of electric leakage and electric shock.

D. Cable ramp protector trough is also called rubber damping plate and rubber grounding trough plate, rubber bridge plate, also known as wire trough speed reducer. The main role is to protect wires and cables. So as not to be damaged by cars and other heavy objects.

E. Unique bottom groove treatment, so that the cable can maintain a circular appearance under high pressure

F. Good safety performance, anti-aging, anti-insulation and flame retardant, bearing capacity up to 20Ton, long service life and so on.


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