Stage Aluminum Barricades

Material: aluminum alloy.
Outer size: 1000*1200*1200mm.
Stage aluminum barricades for outdoor event usage.

Product Details

The use of stage aluminum barricades is very obvious. For example, during large-scale events, sports events, and large-scale  concert events, many viewers like to squeeze forward. The use of ordinary aluminum barricades is very limited, and there is great danger. It's hard. This stage barricades can effectively isolate the audience and the stage, ensuring the safety of the event.

product advantages

A. using high hardness aluminum alloy material, the pedal has fine anti-skid pattern

B. The external support is supported by a high-thickness square square aluminum tube to achieve its stable anti-violence effect.

C. the appearance is beautiful and stylish, easy to disassemble, sturdy and durable, high quality.

D.  can be folded to save storage and transportation space.

E.  the welding on the professional welding machine, so as to ensure that the stage aluminum barricades can be well docked.

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Product parameters

Material: aluminum alloy

Outer size: 1000*1200*1200mm (can be customized according to customer needs)

After folding: 1000*1230*140mm

Semicircular tube: 50*3mm

Baffle: 1.5-2mm

Can be made into a corner form: 45 degree angle, 90 degree angle, 120 degree angle and so on.

Stage aluminum barricades certification anti-thrust: ultimate bearing capacity of 10528N (thousands of adults)

Net weight: 31kg / piece

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barricades trolley

Cooperation process

A. Initial contact

Learn about the site being built by communicating with customers via telephone and online tools.

B. Planning plan

Through preliminary communication and understanding of the site situation, we make a preliminary plan for our customers. Our designers design the effect plan according to the customer's site, needs and budget.

C. Program review

The customer reviews the initial plan. If the customer is not satisfied with the plan, we can make reasonable adjustments as far as possible according to the customer's requirements, and further improve until the customer is satisfied, and then determine the final plan.

D. Quote confirmation

Make a quote based on the final plan determined by the customer.

E. Determine cooperation

The customer confirms the quotation and signs the purchase contract, and we arrange the production.

F. Transport packaging

The production and delivery are completed within the agreed delivery period, and we arrange to install and install according to the confirmation map (when the customer needs it).

G. After sales service

We have a professional after-sales team to provide customers with a full range of after-sales services. Your satisfaction is the driving force for us to move forward.

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