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Indoor stadium event used truss system

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Indoor stadium event used truss system

July 15th, 2017 in China. Our client use the stage and truss to install a big event stage system, 20m x 12m x 10m size, 6 pillar column truss design, hang some light and LED screen on the beam truss. It is a good design for event.There are about 8500 people inside as audiences.

truss system with wing.jpg


What are the uses of the truss?

Everyone should add that there will be staff in some squares to set up the stage, and they are more curious about the rapid construction and dismantling, because most of them are fast install stages. One of the most important parts is aluminum metal shelf - the truss. In fact, it is not only used in the construction of the stage, but also plays an important role in some temporary event buildings. 

Although made of aluminum alloy metal, the truss is not as good as we think of other metal products because its main material is aluminum alloy. This is a very light weight composite metal, which has been widely used in industry and life. This time it is also used as a truss material. 

Even if the weight is very light, the structure of the truss is very strong, and there is generally no collapse, which ensures a large degree of safety. There is also a very unexpected point, that is, the truss can be used twice, which also shows that the stability of the used truss is better, thus saving costs.