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Aluminium alloy truss application basic principles

- Aug 14, 2018 -

Although the aluminium alloy truss is only present as a structural member throughout the system, the selection of the truss is equally important because the trusses of each size and shape structure function differently. The following is the basis for the selection of trusses, which you can use as a reference.


The first thing to be determined is the overall structure of the truss system. In this process, the supply of structural materials, construction technology, and scope of application need to be considered again, so that the selected aluminum alloy trusses should be as reasonable as possible, advanced in technology, economical, etc. The basic principle.


Secondly, what is the specific use of the truss? Because each aluminum alloy truss can play its own role, the truss products used in civil construction, industrial construction, public buildings, entertainment facilities, construction equipment, etc. are all different of applications.


Finally, there are also truss construction forms, combination forms, etc. Currently, there are several types of single-span racks, multi-span truss, contour truss, unequal truss, zigzag truss, etc. The required truss forms are different and should be considered in conjunction with actual use.

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