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Aluminum barricades when be installed which things should be pay attention?

- Aug 17, 2018 -

The aluminum barricades can solve the safety isolation and diversion problem of the active people in various activities, but if you do not pay attention to the use method, the aluminum barricades may not function properly. The following is a brief introduction to the problem of using the barricades.


Pay attention to the orientation of the aluminum barricades. The smooth and rodless pedal-free side faces the crowd. Otherwise, the crowd can cross the barricades through the pedals, resulting in no isolation. It is necessary to pay attention to the strong link between the barricades. Linked into a wall to have a good resistance to thrust. A single barricades is easy to push away. In addition, the barricades is an aluminum alloy product, which is easy to be exposed to the sun in the sun.


Pay attention to the protection of the installer. You can use water spray to cool down or bring gloves. When the aluminum barricades is installed, it can be configured with a relative corner and a door opening to facilitate the entry and exit of management personnel. Please have a certain management staff on site, and you can stand on the back pedal for command and supervision. Aluminum barricades should not be excessively violent during installation and disassembly. The barricades can be stacked on a special storage rack after folding, which will save a lot of manpower. In addition, if conditions permit, the barricades can be sprayed with black paint, and most of the night's activities are more suitable for black. Silver white is easy to reflect and may affect the use of the scene.


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