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Aluminum truss system installation process

- May 23, 2018 -

1. Place four steel bases plate in the approximate position on the ground, and adjust the lower legs so that they are in a horizontal plane.

2. Insert the underside of the diagonal stabilizer support on the outside of the bases on the four corners, inserting two at each corner, for a total of eight.

3. The opposite head with screws fixed to the steel base, pay attention to the direction of rotation of the opposite head and marked in the figure.

4. Put a square cover over your head.

5. Connect the beams truss on the ground.

6. The two ends of the beam truss and the two sides of the two sets of docking link, then the beam truss part is assembled on the ground.

7. Put all four pillar truss stand up, and make the manual hoist lift all the beam trussses according to your event's height.

8. After that, you can put some moving head light and PAR light, sound on the beam truss.

9. That is a stable truss system system.


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