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Assemble fast and not easily deformed aluminum truss

- Apr 19, 2018 -

The aluminum alloy truss has the characteristics of fast assembly and easy deformation. It is easy to assemble, convenient to transport, save space and long life. It is the first choice for large celebration, car booth construction, wedding and commercial performance.

Aluminum alloy truss specifications mX1.22 1.22 m, 1.22 m mX2.44, commonly used two specifications, the height of 40 cm, 60 cm, 80 cm, 100 cm, 120 cm, and so on, pass our senior welder welding aluminum alloy truss material, adopting the new welding technology, the assembly line work, meticulously, the first welding, polishing, 2 third grinding, the fourth packaging, through the process step by step. We adopt the high-quality material, build the high quality aluminum alloy truss, the quality is excellent, the price is low, the service is good, won the general customer's praise.

When the end of the truss welding, because the original liquid into a solid weld metal, so the volume reduced, and cause the stress in the weld will cause deformation with you, a weld cooling successively influence each other, together with the truss also occur deformation, rigidity of truss material, in addition to this stage in the planning of position of the weld, and scale, number, material properties, methods and so on all is to make the truss element deformation.

Once truss deformation can be easily constitute the happening of the tragedy, slat truss is a heated in the welding process is not the average overall, in the process of heating truss batten along the length of the weld and adverse effects such as the distortion elongation, squeeze stress near the weld, make lath truss deformation occurs, because the deformation of weld metal to accept what happened meet lever.

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