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Brief analysis of aluminum truss on stage

- Apr 19, 2018 -

The aluminum alloy truss is made of aluminum alloy with many specific shapes. It is the stage where we let them enjoy the performance of our favorite star performers and support their performance. The aluminum alloy truss has strong anti-pressure ability and can be used for all kinds of large performances. Nowadays, people are more and more faced with the quality of life, so the daily entertainment time is also increased, so the required truss products are more natural.

With the development of our country's economy, the entertainment industry has also flourished, and various commercial performances have been held in various places for various reasons. The stage truss has very good bearing capacity and strong arbitrate. The aluminum truss allows the idol to approach the audience at close range. The aluminium alloy truss is made of 6061-t6 aluminum alloy, which has a strong anti-corrosion function, and the service life is extended a lot. With the increase of performances, the demand for stage trusses is also increasing.

When we build truss, according to the field of building characteristic, as well as its purpose, the construction of the appropriate methods, choose appropriate truss which is political inside said: "adjust measures to local conditions, according to their aptitude". The stage truss is to build a simple and stylish stage on a flat ground.

It's possible to hear the word stage truss and some people don't know what it's for, but it's believed that everyone has seen the real body of the stage truss. Now a lot of star also like to make an issue of the details of the truss with the stage, the stage of various organs of let the audience see more dazzling dazzling at the same time, also added a few minutes of mystery show, to fill the whole show more complete.

Truss type is also very much, its much more ornate is aluminum alloy truss, light weight, the truss is only half the weight of the traditional truss, to build and's ministry with a lot of capital and energy, still have very strong erosion resistance and durability, service life is up to more than a decade, compressive ability is very strong also, generally weighs 600 kg and can be filled with all kinds of performances. In addition, we build the truss, to fully consider the stage of truss structures, in order to realize the stage effect, etc., and we will comprehensively analysis of the problems, fully consider the possibility of things.

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