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Cable protection use and maintenance

- Jun 14, 2018 -

Cable protection materials

Product material: high quality rubber, PVC (anti-voltage, safer, pressure)

Strong and practical, durable pressure, can withstand 20 tons of wheel rolling; long life, less wear and tear on the car, less noise, good shock absorption; color is striking yellow and black, color, regardless of day or night High degree of visibility. According to the actual needs of users, fast and flexible combination, easy to install.


A. Good pressure resistance, safe and convenient, and beautiful appearance.

B. The insulation performance of the rubber trunking is extremely strong, and the voltage is above 2000V, to avoid the dangerous accident of leakage and electric shock.

C. The main role of rubber wire panel is to protect wires and cables. In order to avoid being damaged by cars and other heavy objects. Insulation, anti-oil, anti-corrosion and so on.

D. Easy to use and install. Particularly suitable for use in emergencies.

Installation method

A. Supplement the dedicated trunking along the wire path.

B. Open the top cover and place the cable in the slot.

C. Close the lid and the car is free to go.



Uses: Use in the engineering department exhibition company, power company construction line access, play the role of protection line.

Public areas: roads, rallies, squares, parks, sports games, museums, exhibition halls, airport runways, temporary security checkpoints, and media live broadcasts;

Commercial areas: shopping malls, arenas, exhibition halls, and commercial press conference sites;

Industrial areas: factories, workshops, assembly lines, equipment consoles, construction sites.


线槽 带门.JPG

Use and maintenance

The protruding portion of the rubber cable trunk head is engaged with the tail groove portion of the other slot plate, and the mutual seizure can prevent the slot plate from following the vehicle forward or backward, so as to better protect the cable. In addition, although the slot board is a rubber product, there is a certain degree of flexibility, but in order to extend the service life, it is best not to throw it at a high distance. After use, if you need to clean it, you can use a wet cloth to wipe the surface, and put it on the flat ground and stack it on the front to prevent deformation of the bottom and affect the fit of the cover.

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