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Choose pillar truss for your events

- Jul 26, 2018 -

Pillar truss accessories:stand pillar truss,top and bottom aluminum base,connectors, pin,etc.

Regular height: 1m to 2 m, customized.

Truss Specification:290mmx290mm,300mmx300mm,400mmx400mm, optional.

That is a small size truss system, you can install them for different events as per your need.

The Application of pillar truss

Hotel bar events,wedding party events.

Small type concert stage lighting used.

Moving head light support truss usage.

Advantages of pillar truss

Flexible size according to your requirements.

Lighting truss stand pillar with a good looking design structure.

Small packing size, save transportation fees and store room

pillar truss.jpg

display pillar truss.jpgpillar truss stand.jpg

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