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Choosing right truss size for multitudinous event.

- Aug 13, 2018 -

With the continuous development and progress of the society, the cultural life of all places has become multitudinous, and these large and small stage performances are believed to be numerous. In order to better entertain the masses, it is especially important to build the stage. The size and safety of the truss should not be underestimated. The truss size is used in the construction of the event stage. The proper size plays an important role in the construction and safe use of the truss. Therefore, whether it is a truss manufacturer or a customer, it is important to choose a truss of the right size.

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We all know that the truss truss rack has a wide range of applications in various activities, and it is quick and easy to disassemble and transport, making it a product that many merchants are very fond of. Under normal circumstances, when we set up the stage, we need to choose the size of different truss racks according to the different venues and the weight of the lights and sounds to be mounted. People generally divide the truss rack size into small, medium and large. specification. Therefore, for the person in charge of the stage construction, knowing the size of the selected truss frame and the load-bearing requirements of the truss in advance can better grasp the coordination between the stage arrangement and the site.


As a regular truss manufacturer, we make different truss size for our customers. We can provide you with customized services, according to your performance requirements, to do a scientific, detailed program to ensure the safety of your performance process.

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