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Crowd control barricades keep public site safe order

- Jul 23, 2018 -

Every major event, a holiday, people will be crowded on some occasions. So, to what extent is the crowd intensive? What is the solution?


When the distance between people is very close, the individual will lack the will to control himself and the situation is more dangerous.

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For the intensive crowd to the extent of this warning, Fu Chun University postdoctoral Lu Chunxia's research, put forward the concept of 0.75m2 / person. An ordinary person stands and covers an area of about 0.28 m2 when the body does not touch others. The common 630 kilogram residential elevator in our daily life is full of 8 people and the national standard area is 1.66m2. In other words, when the two people are standing in the elevator, the emergency plan is activated.


The Economist magazine has published an article that clearly states that the crowd density will be chaotic. The French University of Sabatti scholar Medi Mesad and colleagues have proved through experiments that when people are When the distance is very close, the individual will lack the will to control.

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How to solve when the crowd is dense and dangerous? The number of on-site security personnel is sufficient. When the situation of the population is obvious, safety warnings are added to ensure smooth export. The crowd control barricades is used to set up a longer entry channel to allow the crowd to be dispersed. The crowd control barricades can be set up in different areas. Relatively independent management, the area is sealed with a safety barrier by the barricades, and the crowd control barricades is set up with door parts, which can be handled after the safety accident. In addition, crowd control barricades can be used to set up safe areas for some important personnel to enter or leave the event site to protect important personnel. For singers or other activities that are more exciting, prepare for this in advance to prevent security incidents.

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