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Good design circle truss for event stage light usage.

- Jul 15, 2018 -

As a professional factory with 10 years experiences in this field, we can made different sizes and designs truss according to customers’ need.


This good design of circle truss, the diameter can be made 1.5m to 10m, as per your requirement. You can hang some moving head light, PAR light, event stage light on the it.


circle truss design.jpg

This circle truss is made up by 4 pieces part, same length arch truss, they assembly together by spigot and pin.

Circle truss for event stage lighting, good looking for lighting hanging, event stage show lights,etc.


The application of circle truss:

A. Entertainment venues, concert stage truss, trade show event truss, celebration event stage truss system,stage structure lighting truss.

B. Weeding party event, birthday party stage truss.

C. Exhibition booth circular truss design.

 circle truss for stage lighting.jpg

circle truss stand.jpg

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