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Do you know the tips of used trusses maintenance?

- Aug 22, 2018 -

We know that no matter what product you want to use for a long time, you must do maintenance work, so it is no exception to the truss commonly used in stage performances. Let's talk about some tips for maintenance of used trusses.


The cleaning agent we choose is preferably neutral, because the neutral detergent will not corrode the truss products, and can effectively protect the oxide film on the truss surface, keeping the surface of the truss bright and new. It can be said that a must-have cleaning product for trusses. It is not suitable for this product to use a cloth to wipe, because this will damage its surface, the friction of the truss will cause damage to the product itself, so the frequency of wiping should not be too much. In addition, the number of wiping should not be too much. The use of a soft soft cloth during wiping not only reduces friction but also does not cause damage to our hands. This is the effect of softness and fineness.

The truss is a large or small fault in the process of production or in the process of operation. How do we solve and maintain the truss?

When using, it is necessary to regularly inject lubricant into the truss and ensure the truss is clean. Secondly, we must regularly inspect and repair the operation and wear of the used trusses, and replace them when necessary to avoid unnecessary losses caused by failures during use.

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