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Domestic aluminium alloy truss market quotation

- Apr 19, 2018 -

Generally, the size of the aluminum truss used in the specification is 300*300MM, 400*400MM, 400*500MM, 400*600MM, 520*760MM, 600*760MM. For large-scale performance activities, 520*760MM, 600*760MM, if the span more than 30 meters above the super large span requirements, it will be used to strengthen the large aluminum alloy truss. In general, small and medium-sized performance activities, only use 300*300MM, 400*400MM these two sizes are more.

In view of the use need, the truss is designed to make the truss span large, which is a kind of truss used in indoor outdoor exhibition. There are screw connections on both ends of trusses to connect the truss, and can be assembled at any point on five surfaces. The truss does not need a square head to connect very well.

The aluminum alloy truss structure is solid and stable, and the supporting structure is reasonable. It is not used for hanging and hanging of the facilities, and the shape is safe and the spray paint is uniform and beautiful. Because it has wide application range, high safety performance, easy installation and disassembly, beautiful appearance, simple maintenance and so on late excellent features, it was all over the country's performance company, exhibition companies, hotels, schools and other units are applied. The installation of components is easy to disassemble and can be used for the second time in China. It has been widely used in performances, weddings, exhibitions, ceremonies and so on.

In the performance of the company at present, the domestic has aluminum alloy truss, leasing company usually buy aluminum screw truss, with the continuous development of market stage, the promptness of to build the stage equipment demand is higher and higher. The aluminium alloy truss can be divided into aluminum alloy screw truss, aluminum alloy fast - plug truss. We believe that the aluminum alloy quick - insert truss will slowly replace the aluminum alloy screw truss.

The characteristics of the screw truss and the fast plug-in truss are analyzed as follows:

The pin rack is beautiful, the installation and construction is very fast, and the safety tolerance is strong. The general leasing price of the aluminum alloy truss in guangzhou is 40 yuan/meter, and the price of the pin rack is 50 yuan/meter. Because the purchase cost of the pin rack is higher than the screw rack, the rental price of the pin rack is also higher than that of the screw rack.

Although the installation and disassembly of the screw is more troublesome than the latch frame, it is not easy to change and can bear well.

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