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Event barricades are good for different events

- Jul 25, 2018 -

The event barricades, which is also the advantage of the aluminum barricades, creates a safe and orderly environment for our users. Event barricades, to ensure the order of activities, and to effectively guide and guide the active people.


Our company is located in PanYu District, Guangzhou City,China. It is a manufacturer specializing in the production of aluminum alloy event barricades, crowd control barrier.


The material adopts aluminum alloy international standard profile 6061-T6, material characteristics: strong bearing capacity, light weight, anti-oxidation (no rust, durable), silver-white color, beautiful appearance.


The biggest feature is that the triangular structure is the most solid and stable, which can ensure the safety during the activity and prevent violent means such as being pushed open and overturned. Explosion-proof guardrail, performance isolation fence, beautiful and stylish, easy to disassemble, sturdy and durable, high quality. It is used in places where there are many people to prevent the danger caused by people.


During the performance, all the audience always like to squeeze in front, especially for the safety of the actors, it is very difficult to rely on personnel to maintain order. This spectator isolation barrier effectively separates the audience from the stage and isolates the outside world from the performance scene to reduce accidents.

 event barricades.jpgaluminum crowd barriers.jpg

Event barricades product parameters:

Material: aluminum alloy

Outer size: 1000*1200*1200mm (can be customized according to customer needs)

After folding: 1000*1255*177mm

Semicircular tube: 50*3mm

Baffle: 1.5-2mm

New platen: 0.3 m wide.

Product load: 10528N

Net weight: 31kg / piece (with slope design)

stage barricades.jpg

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