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Explain the aluminum alloy lighting frame set stage booth

- Apr 19, 2018 -

The use of aluminum alloy truss in modern society is more and more frequent, and the truss is connected by the straight rod into the bearing structure of geometric lattice structure on the corresponding node. Aluminum alloy truss bars mainly bear axial tension or pressure, which is suitable for large span structures. Here is how to set up the stage booth for aluminum alloy lighting frame:

(prepare all the required items in advance)

1. Set the four bases on the ground first, and adjust the lower legs to make them in the same horizontal plane;

2. The lateral insertion of the base on the base of the four corners is inserted into the bottom part of the base, with 2 roots inserted at each corner, 8 pieces in total.

3. Fix the head with screws on the base, and must pay attention to the rotation direction of the reverse head;

4. Set the square on the head;

5. Connect the beams to the ground;

6. Connect the two sides of the beam and the two sides of each side, so that the beam part is basically assembled on the ground.

7. Lay the aluminum alloy truss flat on the back, and then twist one end of the aluminum alloy on the back of the head, and the other end is screwed on the crossarm, while the hanging gourd and crossarm link are good;

8. Find a few more people to put the truss slowly up, and be careful not to exert too much force, and then fasten the screws on the head surface;

9. After the upright column is raised, hang the hook under the hoist with the hook through the sling.

10. Several people slowly pull the hoist and hoist the bar to the left and right side of the head;

11. Install lighting and sound equipment on the beam;

12. Several people are dragging the hoist to the scheduled height to stop;

13. Tighten one end of the slant support and the upright post, and the other end and the support of the base shall be tightened.

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