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Factors that determine the size of the make truss

- Oct 12, 2018 -

When we are ready to build the stage and choose make truss to build them, their size should be determined according to the size of the stage in the design. Only then can we ensure that they are conducive to the construction of the stage and ensure that the stage is built safety and stability.


When we build a stage, or a performance stage platform, the use of stage trusses is a necessary tool, they are the basic structure of the stage. However, we must pay special attention to the fact that when we choose this product in the market, the corresponding size is very important, then how do we determine their size?


In order to determine the size of the make truss, we must pay special attention to the size of the stage, the size of the stage model and the purchase of the size of the stage is the main conditions for their smooth and well-built. Of course, when determining the size of the stage, we must design the basic form and mode of the stage in advance, so that we can facilitate the selection of various parts tools.

make truss

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