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Gantry truss for event LED screen support

- Jul 20, 2018 -

There are many gantry truss stand for LED screen for indoor or outdoor events. It is a stable and safe, flexible structure for temporary events. You can install lots of sizes and designs as per your event sites.


Gantry truss regular size: length 4-10 meter, height 5-10 meter,customized.


This truss system is made up by standard aluminum alloy raw material, with these advantages, light weight, non rust, long life, etc. You can used them lots of time with many years.It is good for you.


Gantry truss system can be used for support LED screen, moving head light, event stage lighting, and so on. It is a useful design.


If you want, PLS feel free to contact with us. We will made a perfect design to meet your requirements.

aluminum truss stand .jpg

gantry truss .jpg

grantry truss stand .jpg

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