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Hot sales geodesic dome for all kinds of event.

- Jul 30, 2018 -

Geodesic dome is a new wave of heat waves in the tent industry in recent years. As a manufacturer of the domestic tent industry, we are committed to the research and optimization of various tent products.


Our spherical tents are made of Q235 high-strength steel pipe. The surface is treated with hot-dip galvanizing and white spray. The roof is made of double-sided PVC synthetic fiber cloth. The size of the tent is φ3-50M, and the top height is 1/2 of φ. The wind resistance reaches 11 and meets the Australian DIN4102B1 and M2 standards.

 dome tent design.jpg

Geodesic tents are available in a variety of configurations such as air conditioning, flooring, ceiling interiors, single-open aluminum glass doors, fully transparent tarpaulins and side wall coverings for added functionality and use. The spherical tent has a unique design concept, novel structure, safety and environmental protection, and is particularly attractive to the public.


Geodesic tent can create perfect solutions for your special events and is widely used in major exhibitions, celebrations and outdoor events. Its unique and beautiful shape, and its versatile tarpaulin design make this product the first choice for high-end users who admire high quality and show their brand charm.


event geodesic tent.jpg

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