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How can stage lighting truss achieve brilliant lighting effects?

- Aug 15, 2018 -

Stage lighting truss is very common in our daily activities. The truss is a convenient support frame for disassembly and assembly. It is usually composed of a base, cross beam truss, pillar truss,sleeve block, aluminum stabilizer, steel base, and diagonal support, etc.


In many shows, we often see wonderful programs and beautiful lights, but few people notice the existence of stage lighting truss as support. In the actual application, the stage construction in the early stage is very cumbersome, especially the installation process of the truss is very complicated. First you need to check that all the accessories are complete, then connect all the parts in order. At the same time, after installation, it should be adjusted according to the position and height of the stage and the lighting requirements. Not only must we master the height of the light, but also master the angle of the light to achieve the brilliant lighting effect we finally saw.


In practical applications, we must pay attention to the material of the stage lighting truss. It is necessary to determine the material composition according to the actual needs of the truss. It is to choose the material of aluminum alloy or iron. Only the reasonable selection of materials and correct installation can ensure the overall stage effect.

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