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How to assemble aluminium alloy truss

- Apr 19, 2018 -

The aluminum alloy truss has the function of resisting horizontal force, ensuring the structure is not disjointed in the horizontal earthquake. It has the function of resisting vertical tension, so as to ensure that the vertical seismic structure is not disjointed. Aluminum alloy truss at high altitude assembling, to complete the erection of bearing bracket, you must pay attention to their safety, generally USES the bowl scaffold, the total assembly process, to set on the basis of the measurement mark, for the whole process of tracking measurement.

Compared to traditional iron aluminum alloy truss of truss is light in weight by half, because people are critical of the quality and appearance of the are made of aluminum alloy, light quality can save us a lot of trouble, convenient for our operation. Second, aluminum alloy truss is made of high quality aluminum alloy materials, acid materials itself to have very good resistance, can prevent its corrosion, so in order to avoid the corrosion performance of the rigid truss.

Aluminium alloy truss support is not subjected to rubber pressure, the effect of rubber aging on bearing is not existed, and the service life is long. During the whole aluminum truss installation period, the uneven settlement of each supporting frame will occur, so it is necessary to set up the technical measures for tracking measurement.

The aluminum alloy truss construction is generally adopted in the factory section production, the whole assembly, and then the section to the site assembly, and then use the tower crane high-altitude scattered method to install. The force of the support through the sphere, the effect on the upper and lower structures is more than average.

Use small aluminum alloy truss of stitching it into a large stage, is not a simple project, need to have the people in the work guidance was able to finish machine efficiently with high quality aluminum alloy truss splicing. With its light weight and great importance, it has gained the favor of many stage builders and the use of aluminum truss has become more and more extensive.

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