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How to choose good quality aluminum trussing product?

- Jun 06, 2018 -

With the rapid development of global science and technology, many products have been upgraded from other original materials into aluminum alloys. Today, we talk about how to distinguish aluminum products from high quality to Inferior. Why is the profitability of the same aluminum product on the market where the price difference is 30%? Some friends told me that small companies have low operating costs, but can they still be as low as 30% profit? Relatively large company mass production scale, the cost can also save! Where is this 30% profit point?


Aluminum alloy is aluminum trussing product ‘s raw material. It will affect the truss product and load capacity. Choose good quality aluminum trussing product is very important for events.


We come together to announce!

 High quality aluminum alloy material

A. Visual inspection: Appearance and color should be consistent, beautiful and beautiful, mechanical lines are distributed uniformly without black graphite lines, with high brightness and metallic luster.

B. feel: smooth body without burr.

C. chemical properties: high-quality aluminum plant configuration smelting furnace and online degassing and tube filter and other high-end alloy manufacturing equipment to ensure that the alloy material requirements and achieve ROHS requirements, with corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance.

Mechanical properties: The high-quality aluminum factory is equipped with multiple tensile testing machines to ensure that each aluminum tube meets European standards and has fatigue strength. The high-quality aluminum material factory generally exceeds European standards by 15%--25% in hardness. : 15HW or more. (toughness and hardness are very good)

D. process: plane gap, bending, twisting degree according to high precision execution.

E.  Traceability: Implement the most stringent traceability standard of EN 102043.1 in Europe.


Inferior aluminum alloy material

A. Visual inspection: The appearance and color are dark, there is no brightness, there is no metallic luster, black graphite lines and mechanical lines are unevenly distributed, and there is almost no appearance requirement.

B. feel: rough tube with a glitch

C. .chemical properties: the inferior aluminum factory does not have alloy smelting ability, the alloy is purchased from outside, cannot guarantee whether the alloy is the real 6082 T6 material. (Because all aluminum ingots need to be smelted after repurchasing to re-add a certain percentage of alloys such as silicon and magnesium)

D. mechanical properties: poor quality aluminum factory is not equipped with tensile testing machine, aluminum pipe hardness alone to determine the mechanical properties of the aluminum pipe. (High hardness, low toughness, easy to brittle fracture)

E. Process: There is generally no mastery of how to squeeze high quality  6082-T6 and 6061-T6 aluminum alloy profiles.

F.  retrospective: no traceability conditions.


  Overall, inferior aluminum production costs are low and the cost rate is high. Compared with high-quality aluminum production costs and low yield, high-quality aluminum materials are 35%-45% higher than inferior aluminum processing fees.


How to distinguish the aluminum trussing products aluminum quality is introduced here, here we look together.


Group comparison test


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