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How to choose the good stage trussing?

- Jul 28, 2018 -

Basic description of stage trussing

Stage trussing: The aluminum alloy truss itself is light in weight and strong in strength; it has good bearing capacity, large span, flexible connection, etc., so that the aluminum alloy frame can be used not only alone, but also with a pin-type aluminum frame or a plate butt aluminum frame.


 Assemble stage trussing into large mobile activity venues. Such as various large-scale mobile performances, product promotion exhibitions, large-scale exhibition tents, temporary lighting and audio racks. When used alone, it can be used to carry light, sound and other equipment; especially in outdoor use, it can be used with suitable colors or canopy, and various engineering frames with different areas and different load forces can be built to block wind and sand. It is rain-proof and beautiful, and it is beautiful and practical.


Variety of styles, complete specifications, price concessions, welcome new and old customers to visit our company, can also be ordered according to your requirements.

Stage trussing product features

Our company specializes in the production and manufacture of stage trussing, performance lighting stands, performance stage background frames, performance trusses, event light stands, exhibition stands, aluminum alloy lighting stands, performance lighting stands, used trusses, truss stands, etc. Aluminum 6061-T6. Types are single-row, tripod, square, regular length (0.5 - 4m).

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