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How to judge the pros and cons of truss tube

- Oct 18, 2018 -

The truss tube is mainly a combination function, that is, when constructing, it is necessary to first determine the shape, volume, and floor space, and then determine the frame and fix the frame with the truss.


Many of China's performance equipment manufacturers have developed rapidly. Many manufacturers have developed their business abroad, and they can be seen at some exhibitions. In particular, the rapid development of the current performance industry has driven the development of other industries, such as round pipe trusses, and more and more people are using it now. Recognized and used by many companies.


Because the round tube truss plays an important role in the entire performance, it is important to choose a good manufacturer. Our company has a large team to support, there will be someone responsible for cooperation and negotiation, the customers who come here will receive very thoughtful reception services. When choosing cooperation, it is more important to choose a strong company. First, the quality is guaranteed, and people are not afraid of finding someone after the sale. If there is any doubt, the manufacturer has a special responsibility for the after-sales staff to answer your questions.

aluminum truss tube

truss produce process

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