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How to use the spigot truss to avoid distortion

- Sep 25, 2018 -

The spigot truss has gradually occupied the market of China's stage exhibitions and commercial exhibitions. How do we avoid the deformation and distortion of the truss when using it, so that you can use it better and more assuredly.

The truss itself is a large stressed metal structure. This big guy has undergone numerous forging and welding before forming. There are welds after each welding. These welds are not simply distributed at the joints of the slats. Some welds are in other places on the stage frame, such as the middle of the bottom weld, the triangular or multi-angle trusses are uneven, or the welds appear at non-joint points. These welds are rigid trusses in themselves. With the effect of residual residual stress in the weld, in order to achieve uniform force, spigot truss deformation occurred.

square spigot.jpg

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