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Layer truss for big concert stage structure application

- Jul 13, 2018 -

Layer truss, because the basic principle of the scaffold was invented by the German LAYHER company, also known as "layer frame" by the industry. It is mainly used for lighting stands and background frames for large concerts.


Alias: Roulette stand, roulette scaffolding.

Unit size: length2m by width2m by height2m, can be assembly what size you need.


The basic principle is that the cast steel or the stamped wheel is welded on the column, and the cross bar is connected to the wheel on the column through the cross head and fixed by the pin. (It is necessary to use a diagonal tie rod for reinforcement when installing large)


Features: easy to install and disassemble, only need to use a hammer or wooden hammer to strike and fix after the pin is fixed.

 layer truss system (1).jpg

Layer truss system’s accessories are not easily lost, and the pins are limited to the crossbar with rivets and will not be lost.


Good stability, widely used in bridge pouring support, line array speaker support stand,event construction, stage background, lighting frame and other fields.

layer truss system (2).jpg

layer truss stand.jpg

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