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Portable crowd control barrier application

- May 16, 2018 -

Portable crowd control barrier is a protective equipment that safely isolates the crowd. Because of its solid, stable structure, safety advantage. And easily to install. 

Tt is used in performances show, sports events, international conferences and other important occasions to ensure crowd order and safety.

The use of portable crowd control barrier is relatively much more extensive, especially in some developed countries. There are many large-scale events such as concerts, music festivals, sports events, and international conferences, and the importance attached to the safety of activities is extremely high. Very widely used and common. According to our understanding with customers in developed countries such as the United States, Spain, the Netherlands, and Japan. They not only have a high demand for portable crowd control barrier, but also are very strict in terms of design. Including overall affordability, structural practicality, and precision. The requirements of these developed countries' customers for riot defense have a very clear guiding significance for the domestic market development forecast.


Crowd Control Barriers Retractable


Portable Crowd Control Barriers


Metal crowd barriers

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