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Portable truss maintenance method

- Nov 03, 2018 -

The portable truss is very extensive in our actual use, and the maintenance of the truss is also crucial. How should it be maintained? Today, Guangzhou HenVee metal product company will introduce the maintenance method to you.


The maintenance of the truss can not directly rub the surface like the wiping furniture, which is easy to damage the surface of the truss material. If it is a truss with luminosity, when cleaning, use different cleaning agents according to different materials. If you use a rag to wipe it, use a softer cloth that will damage the truss surface.


When cleaning the truss, we should not use clean water to clean the truss surface. If the surface is piano lacquer, it can be cleaned with water.


After a good truss product, the auxiliary is also crucial, and the correct maintenance of the truss can have a great effect on our truss products, so pay attention to the way and method when maintaining the portable truss.

portable truss

portable truss structure

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