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Regular truss stage packaging and maintain process

- Aug 12, 2018 -

Commonly used aluminum truss stage are generally made of aluminum alloy tube welded, can be purchased or leased, but inevitably will encounter transportation problems, aluminum alloy lighting frame is light, easy to transport and easy to install, but bulky, and Aluminum is not wear-resistant, so it requires certain protective measures when transporting.


Other related accessories and accessories of the aluminum truss stage are preferably separately packaged and marked on the outside, so that it is not only clear at a glance, but also avoids loss or mess. The truss can generally be packed with bubble bags, which can prevent the surface of the truss from coming into contact with other sharp objects and play the role of shock absorption buffer to ensure that the product will not be damaged during transportation; do not use the plastic bag to cover the truss in order to save trouble. In the car, the plastic bag has almost no protection and is easily worn by itself, causing damage to the exterior of the lamp holder and also destroying the coating on the surface of the truss.


The truss stage is generally treated with tannic acid or other anti-oxidation to prevent the blackening of the aluminum after oxidation and the color is unsightly, so be careful not to damage the surface when transporting. For the truss industry, innovation is not enough. The success of new product development requires us to continue to promote and publicize it, expand the sales market, and seek more new breakthroughs.


We live in dazzling cities, and we can see all kinds of different performances everywhere. Then the stage of the performance needs to use aluminum alloy lighting racks, especially at night, the lights are inseparable from the aluminum alloy truss stage. It can be seen that the flashing light also needs the support of the aluminum alloy light frame, in order to show all its dazzling, fully demonstrate its role.

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