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Several components of aluminium alloy truss are analyzed

- Apr 19, 2018 -

Aluminum alloy truss, usually consisting of a flat or space structure with triangular elements. The end of the horizontal bar is inserted into the hole of the base and screwed tightly. One end of the diagonal rod is fixed on the light frame of the aluminum alloy with a single buckle, and the other end is twisted at the end of the extension of the horizontal bar.

Aluminum truss square sleeve: the function of square sleeve is used to connect the aluminum alloy light frame and the beam aluminium alloy lamp frame, and when pulling the box with the hand, it can move the beam up and down. The diagonal brace has two parts, the diagonal and the crossbar. The square sleeve is different from the six-sided joint, and the six-sided joint can not move up and down after connecting the beam, while the square sleeve can be moved.

Aluminum alloy truss chain blocks: one end fixed to the frame pillar lights On the top of the cross arm, make live beam aluminum light frame are connected at one end, and drag zipper with the hand, the drag bar aluminum light frame. The horizontal bar is black paint iron, and the inclined bar is made of aluminum alloy. Under loads, the truss rods mainly bear axial tension or stress, which can make full use of the strength of the material, the span is larger than the plain girder to save material, reduce weight and increase the stiffness of the bearing structure of reason is suitable for large span and tall structures, such as roof, bridge, transmission line tower, satellite towers, gate, crane frame, etc.

Aluminum alloy truss brace: inclined support is used to strengthen the role of the booth, fixed at the four corners of the booth of the four pillars of aluminum alloy light frame, to reinforce the role of the booth. The inside of the square sleeve has a pulley, so that the square sleeve can slide vertically along the vertical column. When using, screw the crossarm on the top of the column truss, then hoist the gourd, and then buy the light frame of the beam.

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