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Stage barriers advantages and usage

- Jun 21, 2018 -

The company's anniversary celebrations and star concerts event used stage barriers for the concert area, concert channel cable protection, important equipment isolation zone crowd control barriers as a temporary guardrail role.


Stage barriers uses aluminum alloy high-strength materials, exquisite technology and automatic welding equipment for process production to ensure product quality. The loading and unloading is quick and easy, and it is foldable for transportation and storage. The maximum impact resistance is: 10,528 N/C (10,528/9.8 KG, 1,074 KG) is equal to the thrust of 10 adults.


Stage barriers is a new type of anti-riot bar designed to isolate people, keep crowds away from dangerous areas, maintain order and safety at the scene, and dispose of group incidents. It can effectively block traffic in dealing with large-scale group incidents. And to intercept the group of people involved in the accident and to isolate the buildings of the protected persons. In the actual combat, the riot-proof iron horses are connected in multiple pieces to form a wall. The design is humane, with a countertop, which can provide the audience with handrails or place objects. Riot bar consists of a high-strength aluminum alloy frame and accessories aluminum alloy mesh panels, folding transport storage.


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