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Th e advantages of aluminum truss structure in traditional stage are compared

- Apr 19, 2018 -

Compared with the traditional stage, the characteristics of the new aluminum alloy truss have completely solved the complicated problems of the traditional stage. Not only that, it also has many advantages that the old aluminum truss cannot match, such as aluminum truss can be assembled arbitrarily; Stage background integration, no matter the wind stage size stage will not be separated or collapsed, can withstand the gale; Component scaling; Cheap and practical, cost-effective; Not subject to the environment constraints, high and low adjustable, according to the requirements of arbitrary assembly. The aluminum alloy truss is an indispensable tool in the society, it has many advantages and it is widely favored by people.

The structure of the aluminum alloy truss, the force of each strut is unidirectional pull, the pressure is the main, through the reasonable arrangement of the upper and lower chord and the ventral pole, can adapt to the internal bending moment and the shear force distribution of the structure. It plain girder under the action of transverse bending internal complex stress state into truss rods in simple tension and compression stress state, enable us to intuitive understanding of the power distribution and transmission, to facilitate the change of the structure and composition. Because the horizontal pull, the pressure internal force realized its own balance, the whole structure difference error support produces horizontal thrust.

The design of truss is very high requirement, must have good connecting rod, superb welding technology, reasonable size and suitable raw material. Truss rods mainly bear axial tension or stress, which can make full use of the strength of the material, the span is larger than the plain girder to save material, reduce weight and increase the stiffness, so the bearing structure is suitable for large span and tall structures.

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