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The flexibility of the used stage truss

- Aug 08, 2018 -

With the development of the economy and the continuous progress of social civilization, the stage performances have become commonplace. We believe that the scope of the used stage truss will be more and more extensive, because the flexibility and variability of the truss is enough to make the use more convenient.


We all know that the general used stage truss is mainly used in concert venues, dance halls, fashion performance halls, clubs and other entertainment venues. Many times, in order to expand the tabletop and increase the entertainment atmosphere, the stage can protrude from the main stage and level the plane with the main stage, allowing the performers to have more performance space, close to the audience, and achieve various special effects. Flexible and versatile trusses make it easy to use!


Nowadays, the used stage truss completely solves the problem of the disassembly and assembly of the traditional stage frame. Not only that, but it also has many unparalleled advantages of the old stage truss: for example, standardization of components; assembly in any combination; unconstrained by geographical environment, adjustable height, Arbitrarily assembled according to the size of the demand; the stage background is integrated, the maximum can withstand eight winds, regardless of the wind level, the stage will not be separated or collapsed; cheap and practical, cost-effective.


Many of the shortcomings that need to be overcome in the planning of the stage, for example, the theme is not clear, lacking the main line throughout the opening performance. I want to plan the creation of the theme, the theme is clear, the national art performance group is the main star effect, the love is cheerful and not luxurious, suitable for live broadcast or broadcast to ensure the atmosphere of the scene, to create low-cost performances, and strive for high quality and low price.

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