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The role of trusses in stage construction

- Apr 19, 2018 -

The frequency of the truss is used in the modern society more and more high, truss is indispensable in the construction stage, its role is not to ignore, stable stage and truss often touches many aspects, analyze the stage design of truss can be stable and durable, easy to talk about is the aluminum alloy truss can fit balance or the balance of force system of the object law basic request. Let's talk about trusses in the stage!

From the overall consideration, the large steel truss is 57m long and 15.8m high, which is limited by the length of the transport equipment and the site conditions. It can only be fabricated in the factory, and the pre-assembly can be transported to the site for assembly. Stage structures, choose a big steel truss air assembly, high block device, and different from air assembly, high bulk spell poor operation condition, truss in high altitude and docking process, construction safe and truss degree, vertical degree and welding quality control is very difficult.

Insist on aluminum alloy truss stage truss intensity is strong enough, as long as to ensure sufficient strength talent guarantee truss don't snap in or out of shape, so as to ensure that set up by the truss stage or other exhibition platform, bridge, and so on the roof stability and peace.

Therefore, the design of truss is also worthy of high request. The truss is composed of a number of straight bars which have a triangular plane or a space bearing member. Good connecting rod, excellent welding technology, fair size and suitable raw materials.

Truss under loads, the truss rods mainly accept axial stress or strain, which can full the strength of the application materials, the span is larger than the plain girder frugal material, reduce weight and increase the stiffness, so applicable to bearing structure of large span (such as roof, support truss, floor truss beam, Bridges, crane bridge) and tall structures (such as tower of transmission line tower, radio, satellite towers).

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