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The selection of the stage of the belt wheel

- Apr 19, 2018 -

The activity stage has two kinds of aluminum alloy and iron material to choose, the mesa can choose high-grade outdoor waterproof board and indoor carpet type. The active stage of the belt wheel belongs to the stage of the activity. It only adopts the flow mode of the wheel and the aluminum alloy truss, which can adjust the flow range of the stage more flexibly to achieve better control.

This wheeled mobile stage can be folded up and placed in a corner when not in use, not taking up too much space. It can be used in some special places such as water building, and can also be used with various large and small entertainment flows or performances. The mobile stage is surrounded by Velcro that can be glued to the stage, paired with a group car.

What are the advantages of this wheeled activity stage? The first is that its shape is beautiful and elegant, simple and beautiful, the first feeling is very good; Secondly, the wheeled mobile stage is very simple to use. It can be folded and processed at any time, and the shape is small, which does not affect the placement and transportation. The wheels on the stage of the wheel are anti-static devices, which do not produce sparks with the carpets and other combustible materials, and are safe and reliable to use. The stage design of the aluminum truss is unique and novel. The unique design structure not only takes the stage into consideration, but also makes the stage construction more artistic.

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