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The thickness of the truss has a good supporting effect

- Sep 11, 2018 -

The thickness of the aluminum truss has a good supporting effect, can withstand the tensile force generated by the steel wire, and the thickness determines the strength of the truss. This parameter is still very important, so it cannot be ignored.


Before installing the truss, be sure to check whether the installation tools are complete, and save time and effort when installing the work. The trusses are corrosion-resistant, frost-resistant, high-temperature resistant and acid-base chemicals, and they are very cost-effective, so they are worth buying.


Due to its convenient installation and diversified collocation style, the truss makes the performance of the stage simple but not simple, and the truss provides many choices for the diversified combination of the stage, and its variety influences the display effect of the stage.


The manufacture of aluminum trusses also requires exquisite craftsmanship, good materials, and sophisticated craftsmanship. The truss process involves a series of processes such as cutting, assembly, aluminum alloy surface treatment, painting, etc. If there is no senior truss industry experience, it can not produce high quality, high quality products.


Such as: sturdy surface smoothness, uniform color, no fading, no paint, lacquer treatment, aluminum alloy surface oxidation, electrophoresis, spraying, fluorocarbon, etc. all require technology and craftsmanship, which must go through hundreds of processes Finished, so this truss is expensive.


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