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Truss products should be carefully disassembled.

- Aug 28, 2018 -

If your truss is this kind of product, you should carefully disassemble it after we use it. In the process of disassembly, it is necessary to do basic protection work. It is relatively fragile. It is very easy to disassemble without careful removal. It will cause the product to be deformed, which is not good for the secondary use of the product.


The use of truss is also to pay attention to transportation. In fact, such products are in fact required to continue to transport, and it is best to avoid exposure to sunlight, so as to avoid changes in the appearance of products, for future use. It is also no good.


In fact, if these truss products in our life want to have a longer use effect, we still need to do a lot of maintenance work.


Truss is the material technology foundation of enterprise production. With the improvement of productivity level, the technical state of truss plays a decisive role in the normal operation of enterprise production, in terms of production efficiency, quality, cost, safety, environmental protection and energy consumption. effect.


During the use of the truss, the performance of the truss will inevitably deteriorate due to wear, fatigue, fracture, deformation, corrosion and aging, which may cause the truss to fail to operate normally, resulting in damage and production stoppage. Businesses suffer economic losses and even catastrophic consequences.


Therefore, slowing down the degradation speed of the truss products, troubleshooting, and restoring its original performance and technical requirements have become an important issue that needs urgent attention. This requires maintenance and operation personnel to master a complete set of systematic, scientific maintenance and repair trusses. Techniques and methods to ensure the normal operation of the work.

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