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Truss use taboo for events

- Oct 08, 2018 -

There are only good quality truss products, but they are not used correctly and reasonably, so the effectiveness of the truss is bound to be impossible. This also reminds the users that they must master the correct methods and techniques when using the truss, especially some taboos, and should always be kept in mind.


The so-called taboos first refer to the installation position of the truss. Do not choose some places with unstable terrain. It is better to find not only the flat terrain, but also some prosperous areas or concentrated places. In order to ensure personal safety, it is forbidden to build the truss in a location with sound and electric equipment nearby.


In addition, it is not allowed to build at will, communicate with customers, and supervise the construction of trusses on the premise of meeting their requirements. If there is any dissatisfaction, you should promptly give feedback and take advice. In order to prevent the truss from slipping during use, we can lay a carpet on the ground to achieve satisfactory results.

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