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Used trusses should be maintained and certified on an irregular basis.

- Sep 20, 2018 -

The used trusses should be handled by a special person during the operation, and should be inspected, maintained and certified regularly. Note that a comprehensive and detailed inspection must be carried out before using the truss. It is strictly forbidden to use deformation or damage.


Unqualified trusses, such as faults, shall be used in accordance with the relevant provisions of the instruction manual. The safety devices and protective devices must be complete and reliable. The truss is subject to regular inspection and maintenance to ensure the normal operation of the truss equipment, extend its repair cycle and service life, reduce maintenance costs, improve the integrity and utilization of truss equipment, and minimize engineering expenses.


If the used trusses fails, it must be stopped and inspected and repaired in time to eliminate the temporary failure and local damage of the truss equipment during use, so that it can operate normally, and the technical conditions and performance can meet the specified technical requirements.

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