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What is the differences between truss frame and layer truss?

- Jul 11, 2018 -

The truss frame and layer truss are the same in terms of use. They are used for stage construction. The Chinese interpretation of truss is bundled and framed. The truss frame can be understood as a bundled shelf.


Truss frame: A plane or space structure frame consisting of straight rods and generally triangular units, generally square-column type, used for outdoor temporary exhibition booths and background skeleton construction. Also known as truss. The stability of the triangle, the truss frame is the structural design using the stability of the triangle, so the stability is better when using the truss frame to build the stage. In the process of construction, the exhibition shed and the skeleton are used to realize the erection of the stage.


The truss is actually the same structure as the truss frame. The truss is the name of the Chinese, and the truss frame is the foreign name, which is the same structural load-bearing structure.


Because the basic principle of the architecture was invented by the German LAYHER company, and was also called "Rey frame" by the industry.


In terms of materials, the truss are made of steel, reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, wood, steel-wood combination, steel and concrete, and so on. According to the shape, the truss has several types of triangles, trapezoids, polygons, parallel strings, and so on.

Truss frame structure

space truss frame.jpg

Layer truss system

steel layer truss.jpg

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