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Why do modern enterprises choose aluminum stage

- Apr 19, 2018 -

Modern enterprises to participate in the exhibition or do publicity and promotion activities, the first use of course is the aluminum alloy stage. Now some brand customers have used the aluminum alloy stage as the general promotion product in the system application, whether the new product launch or the holiday promotion, achieved good results. The aluminum alloy stage is a powerful tool for the promotion and promotion of enterprises, and the stage of aluminum alloy is needed in all kinds of publicity occasions, such as enterprise exhibition, advertising promotion and recruitment.

Aluminum alloy stage, aluminum alloy truss, aluminum alloy light frame, truss, etc. The aluminum truss is helpful for improving the brand image of the store, creating festive atmosphere and increasing sales volume. The aluminum alloy truss has the advantages of convenient transportation, green environmental protection and quick assembly, etc. The aluminum alloy stage can be used to convey information, display the goods and promote the sales.

1. The aluminum alloy truss can adapt to the Angle requirement of any direction;

2. Aluminum alloy truss support does not have rubber bearing pressure, and the effect of rubber aging on bearing is not existed, and the service life is long.

3. Through the sphere transmission force, the bearing is not forced to shrink the neck phenomenon, and the anti-force on the upper and lower structures is relatively uniform;

4. Damping bearing has good damping performance;

5. It has the performance of anti-horizontal force, so as to ensure that the structure is not disjointed in the horizontal earthquake;

6. It has the performance of resisting vertical tension, so as to ensure that the vertical seismic structure is not disjointed;

7. Aluminum truss can carry vertical load;

8. Aluminum truss can be used for radial and circular displacement requirements.

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