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Magic carnival outdoor event truss

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Magic carnival outdoor event truss

September 15th, 2018 in China. There is a magic carnival event in Shang Hai city. It is cover an area of 3,000 square meter.This event stage system, are made up by 16m x 10m x 10m size truss system with roof tent design, some moving head light and LED screen ,line array speaker, bolt truss, layer truss, event barricades, cable ramp are widely used in this system. It is a good design for outdoor event.


outdoor event truss system


For any stage truss in our current production process, in order to be able to perform better performance, the most important thing is to be able to carry out an excellent design for the manufacturer, and for this design, to be able to Good to meet our use requirements, design requirements are also indispensable. So for our stage truss, what are the design requirements in the design process?

First of all, the first aspect is that we must design enough strength, and to design a suitable strength, not only to be able to choose excellent raw materials, but also to the choice of structure is also very important, while a good strength for The seismic and wind resistance of the product is very useful.

And for our products, in the design process, the use of related accessories is calculated in, so that our products can be more consistent with the use of various accessories during the installation process. So the performance used can have a better play.