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2018 Beibu Gulf (Qinzhou) Midi Music Festival

- May 21, 2018 -

April 21-22, 2018 Beibu Gulf (Qinzhou) Midi Music Festival:


Midi Music Festival is known as China's Woodstock, China's first original music festival, China Rock's most famous music festival business card, rock music fans Utopia! This was the first time the Midi Music Festival was held in Guangxi. The strong lineup of artists such as Panthers, Zhao Lei, sound toys, twisted machines, and so on attracted fans from all over the country to the scene, according to official statistics. The number of people on the scene is as high as 73,000!


The Midi Music Festival held about 30,000 square meters of space, using a combination of aluminum alloy truss, aluminum crowd control barrier,layher truss frame, event assembly stage, cable ramp,moving head lighting and audio equipments.


The music festival was held very well and the atmosphere was very lively!

Waiting for the next year Music Festival!

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