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2018 Chengdu Chunlang Music Festival

- Jun 22, 2018 -

A splendid story swirls through the crystal clear dew in June. No matter how busy and hot this summer, in the memorabilia of June, the upsurge of Chengdu’s fanaticism this summer will soon be lit. We have entered Chengdu Music Festival with you.


Chunlan Music Festival originated in Kenting, Taiwan, China. The consistent spirit of the festival is "to love the earth, to love music, to love yourself." On June 16th, the 2018 Chengdu Chunlang Music Festival arrived on schedule. Wu Qingfeng, who sang “Little Love Song”, and Cao Dong, a new rock band from Taiwan, had no party. After the 95th generation, Xie Chunhua, Aoki, Panda Glasses, and Bin Bin. Reasonable senior rock musicians, wooden glasses, fish strips, and other senior music talents and rookies, sang in Chengdu Weiran Huahai.


The name “City of Music” in Chengdu is really not a virtual one. It is understood that more than 10,000 fans have gathered at the concert, and the music sensational artists and talents have made concerted efforts. This brings people to the Spring Wave Festival. Addictive full "Xin" masterpiece!


The existence of music is already our luck, and the holding of the festival is a rare opportunity for people to revelry and release themselves. The most powerful singers, sing and sing, live passion!


Evening music is very lively and the scene is full of passion. With such visual impact, how can we reduce our high-quality performance equipment? Such as: circle truss, event stage lighting truss, layer truss system, concert barricade, rubber cable ramp cover, lift tower stand, line array speaker, LED screen, and so on.



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