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2018 Lanzhou Sunrise Music Festival

- Jun 04, 2018 -

2018 Lanzhou Sunrise Music Festival, Burning Down Jincheng, wonderful review!

Co-sponsored by Lanzhou Anning Urban Development Group, Lanzhou Anning Cultural Tourism Investment Co., Ltd. and Gansu Silk Road Cultural Development Co., Ltd., a three-day large-scale music festival “2018 Lanzhou Sunrise Music Festival” on May 25, 2018 - On the 27th in the Central Business District of Anning District, Lanzhou, grand held!


2018 Lanzhou Sunrise Music Festival is a brand-new activity in the 35th Lanzhou Peach Blossom Tourism Festival series. This festival aims to create a real music festival that belongs to Lanzhou.


The performances of the Morning Music Festival are very strong. The famous domestic artists such as the cats, Chen Li, and Turtles of the landlords blew up the audience on the first day of performance. The perfect harmony of the fans of the next million people set off. Wave after wave of climax.




This big size outdoor concert stage event cover an area of 30000 square meter, about 15000 audiences. It is consist of aluminum trussing structure, layher truss, assembly event stage, metal crowd control barriers, rubber cable ramps, line array speaker,  post goal truss stand , LED screen, and so on.


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