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Analysis Of The Domestic Aluminum Truss Rental Market

- Apr 19, 2018 -

Aluminum alloy truss in domestic in recent years has been widely applied in the show, wedding, exhibition, various kinds of ceremonies, etc., because it has wide application range, high safety performance, easy installation and disassembly, beautiful appearance, simple maintenance and so on late excellent features, it was all over the country performance company, exhibition companies, hotels, schools, government and other units are applied.

The aluminum alloy truss can be divided into aluminum alloy screw truss, aluminum alloy bolt truss. In the current domestic aluminum alloy truss performance company, leasing company usually buy aluminum screw truss, also known as the word rectangular tube truss, as the country's emphasis on performance cultural undertakings, development of truss quotation stage, the promptness of to build the stage equipment demand is higher and higher, RSC people think aluminum alloy bolt truss will gradually replace aluminum screw truss. The characteristics of the screw truss and the fast plug-in truss are analyzed as follows:

1) the screw frame shall be assembled with all screws in the installation, and the labor cost is large, but the structure is simple and the load is good.

2) the screw aluminum alloy truss has been proven by the market, and the general customers have recognized and accepted the structural concept of the screw truss.

1) when installation bolt frame directly with the method of bolt connect directly, simple and convenient, greatly saves labor costs, improve the working efficiency a campaign to easily remove complete fleetly.

2) bolt frame appearance beautiful bear ability is strong, the bolt frame on market purchase cost is higher than of screw, but families are all made of production line, pioneered in equipment and well-trained employees effectively improved due to the bolt itself, seiko meticulous production principles, all the accessories company produces its own greatly reduces the counterparts due to the cost control precision parts outside processing, reducing the product cost itself so in wuxi, a company of aluminum frame and screw bolt cost, only need to buy accessories can separately, customized need only 2-3 days, easy to complete the products you need quickly, ensure the quality of your products, improve service is our consistent pursuit and objective.

And bolt type aluminum alloy lighting lighting is a new type of aluminum alloy frame, is the higher pursuit of conventional screw type aluminum alloy lighting to create products, it has a beautiful and sturdy, the advantages of convenient assembly, commonly used accessories well set, square head, base, support, cross arm, hanging bottle gourd, against the head. Aluminum alloy light frame, bolt - type aluminum alloy light frame, and the aluminum alloy TRUSS is also called TRUSS. Aluminum alloy lamp frame adopts high quality aluminum alloy welding, director 50*3MM, inclined tube 25*2MM. This is 290*290MM bolt - type aluminum alloy light frame with a large span of 15 meters. Its characteristics combined with beautiful durable characteristic such as easy and convenient set a suit, bolt type aluminum alloy light frame length is 0.5 m / 1 m / 1.5 m / 2 m / 3.5 m / 2.5 m / 3 m / 4 m can also be customized according to customer requirements. Because the purchase cost of the pin rack and the precision work of its own products are higher than the screw bracket, so the rental price of the pin rack is also higher than that of the screw rack. The general lease price of aluminum alloy truss in jiangsu and zhejiang area is about 40 yuan/meter, and the price of the pin rack is about 50 yuan/meter. Specific according to different area different price! In fact, the price is for reference only.

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