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Box Truss Is Very Common In Life

- Aug 04, 2018 -

If people go out shopping now, everyone can often see some product manufacturers or some large shopping malls in the promotion, and their way is often to build a stage to perform to attract the attention of passers-by. Many of the very common stages are actually built from a variety of different types of stage trusses. If former people need to watch a stage performance, they must have a real stage, but this problem is only needed to build a shelf on a temporary basis.


Box truss is certainly very convenient to use. The key point is that stage trusses can be assembled at any time and disassembled at any time. This is actually beneficial for recycling, and it is also saving resources. Otherwise, if you do a performance, you will create a real stage, not only a waste of funds. It is also a waste of very valuable space resources.


Now with the help of these shelves, you no longer have to worry about these problems. Because it fully utilizes the principles of mechanics in the process of construction, the structure is very stable, and everyone does not have to worry about safety.

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